Zaycon Foods Chicken Event Review

My family has been waiting for quite sometime for a Zaycon Foods event to come to our area. I am always looking for a great value for my family and I have heard a lot of Zaycon customers who travel an hour or even longer to the Zaycon event pick up locations for their products. I would often wonder, why, why would someone travel that far just for chicken? Didn’t they realize they were adding cost by using so much gas? Well, I think I got the answer today with my first of MANY orders from Zaycon!

 zaycon chicken

Today I finally discovered what so many others already knew, Zaycon has many things going for it: excellent quality products, unbeatable prices and extremely considerate employees.  I documented my experience with Zaycon Foods today so that I could give you a bird’s eye view into the Zaycon pick up process.


photo (13)Our event was scheduled to be held from 8:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m. We actually arrived early, even before the Zaycon truck arrived, what can I say, we were excited! We watched as the truck arrived and began their setup for distribution.


As we proceeded to go through the car line, the Zaycon employees were extremely efficient and ready to go! We showed them our receipt and they retrieved our box from the truck, laid a piece of plastic down in our car (an extra precautionary measure Zaycon takes to avoid any leakage of juice in your car) and wished us a wonderful weekend and we were on our way! It took less than 10 minutes from the time we lined up in our cars to the time we left with our chicken! The Zaycon employees were so courteous and friendly, they made this event a easy and pleasant experience!zaycon chicken

zaycon chicken zaycon chicken


We got home with our chicken and began the unpacking process. The chicken was nice and cold and packed in several layers of bags. There was some of juice in the bottom, but no leakage out of the box.

zaycon chicken    zaycon chicken    zaycon chicken

To be honest, I have NEVER seen chicken breasts as large as these! Because the chicken is so fresh, there is trimming that needs to be done.  I cut about a pound of trimmings from the chicken. I wrapped all my chicken, labeled it and put it in the freezer.. I did leave two breasts out to cook right away! We couldn’t wait to try our new chicken!

zaycon chicken

I marinated two chicken breasts in Italian dressing for about 30 minutes and then my husband threw them on the grill for lunch. When I sliced into them, they were so tender and so juicy! The chicken actually tasted fresh! It’s hard to explain because I don’t think you can really understand what fresh chicken tastes like unless you have tasted fresh chicken! There really is a huge difference!

 zaycon chicken

Zaycon Foods truly is one of a kind. This company really looks out for their customers, not only budget wise but health wise. Knowing that I am feeding my family chicken that has no added hormones or antibiotics gives me such piece of mind! They offer only the best and freshest products possible and they are growing all the time. More people are discovering the benefits of buying fresh products and you couldn’t ask for a better value. Locations are popping up every where and if you have never heard of Zaycon, please take 5 minutes to register at their website and check them out. They will send you emails when events are available in your area. They have added new products such as ham for the upcoming holidays (I plan to take FULL advantage of that :) )!


If you still want the best value from Zaycon, but don’t need to buy in bulk, you can always split the cost with another family, church group, neighbors or co-workers. My mother and I split the chicken and we each ended up with 19 chicken breasts! So for around $30 we got 19 breasts and most of them are large enough to make a meal. WOW, that’s about 19 meals for $30??!!?? You can’t beat that!

 zaycon chicken

Times are hard right now. We are all living on a budget and trying to stretch every dollar we can but we still want to be able to afford the very best for our families. You can’t get any better than Zaycon. Don’t forget, their events are going on now for the holidays! Pre-order your ham now so that it’s one less thing you have to worry about with all the baking and shopping that is coming our way! Don’t miss out! I highly recommend giving Zaycon a try. There is nothing to loose and so much to gain!



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